In the studio!

I am sooooo excited, we are almost done writing the material for our next album.  To be released in June 2018!  Our working title is the name of one of our songs, any guesses?  We have a fun live performance on our YouTube channel...

In the meantime, I've been also video editing ...  almost done with a Lyric video for I Love You, Infinity....  Subscribe to our YouTube  channel to get the in the moment update when we post!!  We need 49 more subscribers until we can claim wanna help us out?  Plus I know you wanna get the latest up to the moment PING! when we release our next video....

I mean, look at our URL name now, kinda hard to remember, but at least it will get you there:


We miss you dearly, Purple Foxers, but it won't be long before we see you after a show.  I do believe we have found our cycle...  Play live Feb - Oct, back to the studio Nov - Jan ...  Just know we aren't hibernating!  I will be more active on this blog to update progress on our recordings, videos, books, and general love of life...  ;0)

in light,

Purple Fox Josh

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