Listen to our Debut album - "My Purple Fox" 

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Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies welcomes you online...  well we don't actually exist online, we are real people...  well kinda.  We love the funk.  Do you love the funk?  Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies will get you dancing in the street!  of course if the street is closed off, because you don't want to be in the street, unless of course you are safely crossing the street at the intersection after looking both ways and holding your buddy's hand...  

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February finishing touches! 

We have been rehearsing and putting on the finishing touches to the album for February!  No live gigs this month yet, but recording a promo video this Wednesday!  Wahoo!

Josh is going to the TAXI Road Rally 

Josh is looking for the next collaborators for Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies, that's right, you could be next!  If you are at the Westin LAX Nov 5 - 9, you might run into this blue haired nonstop singing strumming his ukulele songwriter.